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0003142OpenFOAMBugpublic2018-12-29 00:32
ReportermaHeinAssigned Tohenry 
Status closedResolutionno change required 
PlatformLinuxOSDebianOS Version9
Product Version6 
Fixed in Version6 
Summary0003142: Erroneous Tracking of Stick Lagrangian Parcels

the number of parcels, which stick to a patch, is not counted correctly. This happens when using a lagrangian-based solver in combination with "stick" patch interaction models. It seems, that for each lagrangian sub-iteration per time step, the parcels are tracked resulting in multiple stick detections per time step per parcel.
Steps To Reproduce1) Take the aachenBomb tutorial for sprayFoam
2) Change the standardWallInteractionModel to "stick"
3) Set "heatTransferModel" and "phaseChangeModel" to "none" (optional)
4) Shorten the domain to decrease the CPU time (optional)
5) Run sprayFoam

The solver output will reveal a huge number of stick parcels:

    Parcel fate: patch (number, mass) walls
      - escape = 0, 0
      - stick = 9511243, 0.00527835

However, the injector model reveals:

    Injector model1:
      - parcels added = 6745
      - mass introduced = 3.68561e-06

So more parcels are detected for "stick" than are actually injected.
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2018-12-28 20:45

updater   ~0010240

This seems similar to the report #3084:

Which exact commit/date of the build of OpenFOAM 6 are you using? In principle, you can find it by running this command:


For example, for me the Deb package installation on Ubuntu 16.04 gives me "6-f934eabb0d52".


2018-12-29 00:18

reporter   ~0010242

I was using the following version: 6-e05f780ebc87. However, updating to the latest git version resolves this issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience. This ticket can be closed.




2018-12-29 00:32

manager   ~0010243

Already resolved in dev by commit c17e6dbfe, and in version 6 by 166e3a7a1

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