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Summary0003114: cyclicRepeatAMI mixing blade passages with complete crown AMI
DescriptionDoing simulations of rotating geometry where the periodicity of the rotor and stator are not rotational symmetric.

This can for example be for single stage pump simulation where the impeller passage is repeating but the volute is not.

so in the BC file one would specify the cyclicRepeatAMI to have a neighbour that is a normal cyclicAMI.

        type cyclicRepeatAMI;
        neighbourPatch cyclicAMI2;
        transformPatch cyclic1;

        type cyclicAMI;
        neighbourPatch cyclicRepeatAMI1;
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2018-11-26 20:57


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2018-11-26 21:07

manager   ~0010193

This development would be substantial. Are you planning to undertake this work and contribute it? Or do you have finance for it?

For funding details see


2018-11-27 07:33

reporter   ~0010194

I will see what I can do about it regarding funding.


2018-11-27 17:00

manager   ~0010196

Pending funding

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