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Summary0002998: Implement Flamelet Model to the Dev version
DescriptionDear all,
I am sorry that I could not do anything the last month but there is a bunch of things to organize after my PhD (especially getting a new job and so on). However, the last 4 years I was programming on a flamelet-creator from scratch (actually to improve my programming skills). Well, the last step is to solve the chemistry with some SEULEX etc solver. Based on the fact that everything is already implemented in FOAM, I was thinking to re-implement the flamelet creator to FOAM and develop a flamelet solver.

I know that there are some solver available (CRECK modelling group, Müller Hagen Bundeswehruniversität München) but they do not provide the whole package.

Thats why I am asking, if you are interested in that model? If yes, I will start to build the flamelet creator in foam first and subsequent the thermodynamic for the flamelet solver.

Hope you are doing well and see you soon in London.
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henry (reporter)

Do you know of any companies who would be interested in sponsoring the development, testing, validation and most importantly maintenance of this work?

If there are any organizations registered here who would be interested please let us know.

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