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0002902OpenFOAMFeaturepublic2018-04-13 15:55
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Summary0002902: private data in Cloud class for lagrangian modeling
DescriptionActually some attributes in the Cloud class (code attached) are declared as private. Is it possible for you to declare all the attributes of Cloud class as protected in the released code?
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2018-04-13 13:42


Cloud.H (9,608 bytes)


2018-04-13 14:13

manager   ~0009497

Why do you want access to that data?

Note that in dev, much of that data isn't used any more. I'm guessing you are using 5.x. The only bits still in use are polyMesh_ and globalPositionsPtr_, and the former already has an access method. The rest should already have been deleted.


2018-04-13 15:55

manager   ~0009501

Reports and replies should not, in general, be made privately. This process benefits from open participation and there being a public record.

There would be no benefit to adding the access in the public release, and the abstraction of the Cloud class would be worsened by doing so. This is a change that you will have to maintain if your development requires it. Structural changes would only be made at the point at which the development was contributed and accepted into the foundation release.

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