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0002898OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2018-04-10 11:59
Assigned Tohenry 
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PlatformLinuxOSArch LinuxOS Version4.15.14-1-ARCH
Product Version5.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002898: surfaceTransformPoints ignores "-case <folder>" option
DescriptionWhen running "surfaceTransformPoints" and specifying the case directory with the "-case <folder>" option, it will not find the correct file.
- "cd"-ing into the folder works
- Specifying the full path works
Steps To ReproduceCopy a .stl or .obj into any case folder
Go to parent folder, try to run with "-case <folder>" option
Watch in despair
Additional InformationMinor inconvenience when scripting OpenFOAM calls from other languages, as this option is used on other calls.
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henry (reporter)

The surface utilities require the path to the input and output files so they can be anywhere, either in the case directory, in any sub-directory or somewhere else so that the files can be used for multiple cases. I tested running surfaceTransformPoints in the case directory and also outside it and it runs fine, the -case option in not used or needed.

> as this option is used on other calls

Which "calls" are your referring to? Do you find that other surface manipulation utilities use the -case option in some way?


Hme (reporter)

I was not aware of that, so if this is the intended behavior, if so i apologize :)

The "case" keyword is listed under
-$ surfaceTransformPoints -help
Usage: surfaceTransformPoints [OPTIONS] <surface file> <output surface file>
  -case <dir> specify alternate case directory, default is the cwd

I simply have a python script that has a general way to call OpenFOAM functions (blockMesh, snappyHexMesh, icoFoam, etc...) which uses the "-case <folder>" to select different case folders in which to do it's business.


henry (reporter)

With a bit of effort we could explicitly remove the "-case" option from the list but we need funding for this kind of maintenance work:



Hme (reporter)

That will not be necessary, simply thought it was not working as intended.
Just using it for my thesis at the moment, I will work around it :)

Found no way to close the issue, guess you are the one to do that ;)

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