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0002895OpenFOAMContributionpublic2018-04-01 15:34
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Summary0002895: Error in installation guide

gives the instruction to do:

sudo apt-get -y install openfoam5

This does not work with error message:
E: Unable to fetch some archives...

Solution :
sudo apt-get -y install openfoam

NB without the 5 !!!

Worked like a breeze, only took me a full evening to just try it as a last resort ;-)
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Hans-does-linux (reporter)

Further to this epic journey ....
After installation
The files do not end up in the /opt folder but in the
/usr/share folder....

This means that adding the following to the .bashrc does not work either:

Source /opt/openfoam5/etc/bashrc

!!! it is not in the /opt and the folder is not called /openfoam5 but just without the 5 ..!!

Also this means that the '$FOAM_' variables don't work

Finding this out costs about one evening


wyldckat (updater)

The package "openfoam" is provided by Debian, which has landed on Ubuntu sometime ago. That package is not maintained by the OpenFOAM Foundation and that is why the resulting installation is not at "/opt".

As for the original problem with the "openfoam5" package, it's not clear what happened exactly. There should have been a lot more information provided by the commands indicated in steps #1 and #2 of the "Installation" section. Those two commands must have given a lot more information as to why it didn't even manage to download the package "openfoam5".


Hans-does-linux (reporter)

I guessed I got a different installation package, however I got it from an official mirror.

I'll try to get it out of my system and get back to the source of Openfoam5

Any tips on how to remove the 'openfoam' install?

regs Hans


chris (manager)

Removing the "openfoam" package:
sudo apt-get purge openfoam

The error is almost certainly a server error on sourceforge where the openfoam5 package in available for download. I just tested it now and it installed fine.

PS Please give us a little credit that we know the name of the package we produce.

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