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0002867OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2018-03-08 08:25
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version16.04 LTS
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Summary0002867: Installation problem
I followed the installation guide with no problem and did the user config too.
My problem is when i get to test this command
" simpleFoam -help "
i got this message
 " simpleFoam: command not "
Then, i tried to open a terminal in the /opt/openfoam5/etc and run again the command
" simpleFoam -help "
I got this message
ks@ks-N56JR:/opt/openfoam5/etc$ simpleFoam -help

Usage: simpleFoam [OPTIONS]
  -case <dir> specify alternate case directory, default is the cwd
  -fileHandler <handler>
                    override the fileHandler
                    List functionObjects
  -listFvOptions List fvOptions
                    List switches registered for run-time modification
  -listScalarBCs List scalar field boundary conditions (fvPatchField<scalar>)
  -listSwitches List switches declared in libraries but not set in
                    List turbulenceModels
                    List switches declared in libraries but not set in
  -listVectorBCs List vector field boundary conditions (fvPatchField<vector>)
                    do not execute functionObjects
  -parallel run in parallel
  -postProcess Execute functionObjects only
  -roots <(dir1 .. dirN)>
                    slave root directories for distributed running
  -srcDoc display source code in browser
  -doc display application documentation in browser
  -help print the usage

Using: OpenFOAM-5.x (see
Build: 5.x-197d9d3bf20a

But when i tried with another terminal the same way, it doesn't work anymore et couldn't run anyway the small example included in the installation guide.

remark: I followed the problems even if i didn't got when installing, I then installed everything missing and verified that i was on openmpi.

Thank you by advance for your answers
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2018-03-08 08:25

administrator   ~0009393

In one terminal you have sourced the bashrc file in OpenFOAM, in another terminal you have not. Read "User Configuration" to ensure the bashrc file is always sourced:

There is no issue with the OpenFOAM software here.

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