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0002866OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2018-03-07 21:38
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Summary0002866: Something is critically wrong with the small3dPoolFire tutorial, maybe also with other related density-injection cases
DescriptionThere is an inherent glitch or bug when specifying the amount of fuel injection in the poolFire3D tutorial case. Regardless of the amount of injection I use, I always obtain the same temperature, velocity and flame length. For example, the flow properties and thermal characteristics of a fire due to accident or bushfire (for example 100 MW) are significantly different than if a lighter (~50 W). However, according to the tutorial they are the same.
Steps To ReproduceChange the value of heat release rate or velocity injection of CH4 (0/U) by two or three order of magnitude (i.e. from (0 0.01 0) to (0 0.00001 0)), and you will see almost no difference in terms of temperature, velocity and flame length.



2018-03-06 00:06

manager   ~0009371

Note that diffusion is permitted through fixedValue boundary condition so even if you set the velocity to 0 fuel will still enter from the inlet.


2018-03-06 10:00

manager   ~0009374

I have run the case with and without inlet velocity and the results are as I would expect, the plume is enhanced by the inlet velocity. Would you rather the case were changed to have a zero inlet so that all fuel entry is by diffusion?

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