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0002838OpenFOAMPatchpublic2018-02-10 17:17
Assigned Tohenry 
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
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Product Version5.x 
Target VersionFixed in Version5.x 
Summary0002838: intel compiler support of makeCGAL
Descriptioncurrent makeCGAL script does not support intel compiler because toolset option of bjam is set to WM_CC while available toolset value is one of gcc, intel, clang.

So the following code could fix this problem.

        case $WM_COMPILER in

        ./bootstrap.sh \
            --prefix=$BOOST_ARCH_PATH \
            --libdir=$boostLib \
            --with-libraries=thread \
            --with-libraries=system \
        && ./bjam toolset=$TOOLSET -j $WM_NCOMPPROCS install \
        && echo "Built: boost"
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henry (manager)

Hard coding the complete list of compilers to handle the particular inconsistency with the intel naming would make it harder to support other compilers unless these are also treated inconsistently by bjam. For now I think it would be better to treat the intel iconsistency as a special case.


handrake0724 (reporter)

Then, How about treating intel compiler as special case as follows:

  if [ $WM_COMPILER == "Icc" ]; then
     ./bootstrap.sh \
            --prefix=$BOOST_ARCH_PATH \
            --libdir=$boostLib \
            --with-libraries=thread \
            --with-libraries=system \
        && ./bjam toolset=intel -j $WM_NCOMPPROCS install \
        && echo "Built: boost"
     ./bootstrap.sh \
            --prefix=$BOOST_ARCH_PATH \
            --libdir=$boostLib \
            --with-libraries=thread \
            --with-libraries=system \
        && ./bjam toolset=$WM_CC -j $WM_NCOMPPROCS install \
        && echo "Built: boost"


henry (manager)

Yes something like that but it could be done with less code duplication by setting a toolset variable to $WM_CC and overriding it for Intel.


henry (manager)

I am not able to reproduce this problem, for me CGAL compiles fine with the current makeCGAL and the same with toolset=intel. Could you provide more details of the issue?


henry (manager)

This is slightly simpler:

    if [ $WM_COMPILER == "Icc" ]; then

    echo "Starting build: boost"
        cd $BOOST_SOURCE_DIR || exit 1

        rm -rf $BOOST_ARCH_PATH

        ./bootstrap.sh \
            --prefix=$BOOST_ARCH_PATH \
            --with-libraries=thread \
            --with-libraries=system \
        && ./bjam toolset=$toolset -j $WM_NCOMPPROCS install \
        && echo "Built: boost"
    ) || {
        echo "Error building: boost"
        exit 1


handrake0724 (reporter)

With WM_CC set to icc, makeCGAL makes the following error:

Bootstrapping is done. To build, run:

To adjust configuration, edit 'project-config.jam'.
Further information:

   - Command line help:
     ./b2 --help
   - Getting started guide:
   - Boost.Build documentation:

icc.jam: No such file or directory

toolset list coud be found in <boost src root>/tools/build/src/tools. icc.jam is not there but intel.jam is.

I am OK with your revised script.


henry (manager)

Resolved in ThirdParty-5.x by commit a807587a7babd4d03b62794b26e5ef4105301416

Resolved in ThirdParty-dev by commit d99e4bf60d1fe70a7b910ab395951cb6e4f0bf43

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