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0002836OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2018-02-12 22:19
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Summary0002836: compressibleInterDyMFoam, Mesh Morphing issues
DescriptionRelated to the previous case, which has been solved, I see still some wrong behavior using the mesh morpher in compressibleInterDyMFoam (dev-version 20180205). First of all, thanks Henry for taking time and looking at it. Really apreciate that.
Using the mesh morpher with this settings in dynamicMeshDict:
    component x;
    diffusivity inverseDistance (fixedArc);
produces an unphysical density/temperature-distribution along x-axis(see attachement: compressibleInterDyMFoamMeshMorphingV01).
Using another setting by just defining the directional diffusivity:
solver velocityComponentLaplacian;
component x;
diffusivity directional (1 0 0);

spatial distribution of density, temperature and pressure looks physically reasonable but in the time evolution density does not change, hence is not corrected.

Can someone help me with a simple working example, where a box is compressed using the compressibleInterDyMFoam. This would be really helpfull.
I might have specified wrong bc's for the moving wall or the dynamicMesh settings are wrong. I do really not have any clou, where to search/look from my user-settings perspective. I also do not know, whether I have to activate correctPhi.
Steps To ReproduceThe here discribed behavior can be reproduced by using the case from the last bug-report:
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2018-02-12 15:38

manager   ~0009304

I am running the case with pure air and the settings

solver velocityComponentLaplacian;
component x;
diffusivity directional (1 0 0);

and the density is uniform (apart from one corner cell) and increases as expected.
Are you running with the correcties provided to compressibleInterDyMFoam?


2018-02-12 15:44

manager   ~0009305


    diffusivity inverseDistance (fixedArc);

I get uniform pressure, density and temperature fields except in one corner cell.


2018-02-12 21:59

reporter   ~0009307

Hi Henry,
Thank you for your comment. I assumed the changes were already included in the update from 05022018, but I was wrong as I found out by checking the files. I included the correcties and everything works fine. Thank you for your work an time. I think this case can be closed.

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