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0002831OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2018-02-12 17:08
ReporterkkkokkjqAssigned Tochris 
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PlatformOSMac OSOS VersionHigh Sierra
Product Version5.0 
Fixed in Version 
Summary0002831: Paraview cannot be included in Docker
DescriptionI have installed all the required apps, like Docker, Paraview and XQuartz, but when I open the paraFoam, it says 'ParaView is not in the Docker container. Install on the host machine or run the launch script with -p option'. But several days ago I have successfully installed this software. My Paraview edition is 5.4.1.
Steps To ReproducekoujiaqingdeMacBook-Air:~ koujiaqing$ cd $HOME/openfoam
koujiaqingdeMacBook-Air:openfoam koujiaqing$ openfoam5-macos –p
Launching /usr/local/bin/openfoam5-macos
User: "koujiaqing" (ID 501, group ID 20) being added to access control list
Welcome to the OpenFOAM v5 Docker Image

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OpenFOAM-5.0(213) paraFoam
ParaView is not in the Docker container. Install on the host machine or run the launch script with -p option



2018-02-07 21:36

updater   ~0009278

@kkkokkjq: It took me a couple of reads to spot the typo... fortunately you've made a perfect copy-paste of the steps you've taken!

If you take a close look at step 6 here: - "Step 6: Launching openfoam5-macos", you will see that the command should be:

  openfoam5-macos -p

However, the command you've used is:

  openfoam5-macos –p

It's really hard to spot, but the last "p" is preceded by a long dash "–" in your command, while in the original instructions it uses a short dash "-".

@Chris: In the script "openfoam5-macos" (and possibly in the other sibling scripts for other operating systems), the "*)" case option should not default to "break" and it should instead give a similar error message as for "-*)", given that any arguments that don't have the dash are ignored, but as we can see in this situation, they should be pointed out as wrong or unknown.


2018-02-08 05:15

reporter   ~0009279

Many thanks! The problem is solved! It took me several weeks but I still cannot find the problem...
Thank you for your help!


2018-02-12 17:08

manager   ~0009306

Updated the scripts with case statement that stops with error for anything that is not an option - with *).

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