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0002806OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2019-04-04 19:21
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PlatformGNU/LinuxOSUbuntuOS Version16.04
Product Version5.x 
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Summary0002806: tutorial flameSpreadWaterSuppressionPanel for fireFoam crashes in parallel for different decompositons
DescriptionDependent on decomposition the simulation fails (see attached file decomposeParDict):

- Option 1: Decomposing the domain to 4 processors, every processors contains parts of the three regions (region0, filmRegion, pyrolysisRegion)
=> Simulations without problems

- Option 2: Decomposing the domain to 4 processors, not every processor contains parts ot the three regions
=> Simulation crashes (see log_option2.txt)
=> Reason probably BC filmPyrolysisRadiativeCoupledMixed in T fields in region0 and pyrolysisRegion to couple the three regions.

- Option 3: Decomposing the domain to 3 processors, not every processor contains parts of the three regions
=> Simulation crashes (see log_option3.txt)
=> Different position of crash than for option 2.
Steps To ReproduceProblem is always reproducible.

- Build tutorial with Allwmake / stop after start of fireFoam
- Copy decomposeParDict in system of all the regions
- Decompose all three regions / use comments to switch different options
o decomposePar -region filmRegion
o decomposePar -region pyrolysisRegion
o decomposePar
- mpirun -np 3 fireFoam -parallel resp. 4 processors (for option 1 and 2)
Additional InformationIdentical behavior in OF 4
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Pending maintenance funding for fireFoam.

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