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0002803OpenFOAMPatchpublic2018-01-04 16:32
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Summary0002803: Need for add block entry to FoamFile subDict header for decomposedBlockData class
DescriptionI think it would be helpful if decomposedBlockData class have block entry which has the number of decomposed blocks such that

    version 2.0;
    format binary;
    class decomposedBlockData;
    blocks 4;
    location "...";
    object boundary;

This entry could be just adding the following code to decomposedBlockData.C:204

    if (Pstream::parRun())
        os << " blocks " << Pstream::nProcs() << ";\n";

    if (note.size())
        os << " note " << note << ";\n";

    if (location.size())
        os << " location " << location << ";\n";

By adding block entry, it would be easier and reliable to make OpenFOAMReader for ParaView.
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2018-01-04 16:32

manager   ~0009197

It would not be appropriate to hold this information in the file header, it does not relate to the individual files but to the decomposition of the case. We are considering various approaches to making this information more readily available in a more general way.

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