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0002759OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-11-28 23:13
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Summary0002759: fvDOM with wedge patch gives inaccurate heat flux calculation
DescriptionI tried a validation problem with fvDOM on axisymmetric case. The example case is attached.

Radiative analytical heat flux from "hot" wall comes out to 260.9 kW/m2.

Axisymmetric test case under-predicts the heat flux (15% error) (wedge patch).

I tried alternate approach with symmetry patches and semi-circular model with extrusion model "sector" instead of "wedge". With this approach I get values closer to analytical (about 2% error).

This problem exacerbates with higher model complexity. For more complex problems I'm observing this deviation > 25%.

I am not sure what could be a fix but I suspect the solution might lie in how fvDOM deals with wedge patches:
fvDOM uses strategy based on nSolutionD as,
if (nSolutionD == 2) ...
if (nSolutionD == 3) ...

from polyMesh::nsolutionD, for wedge type geometry, nSolutionD is returned as 3. Hence the radiation problem is treated as 3D - requiring both nTheta and nPhi in fvDOM. As a ramification of this - solver crashes if you set nTheta =0. The wedge patch does not participate in radiation, yet, fvDOM solves for transport across them since nTheta !=0; leading to loss of rays??

Hence, in the validation case attached, there could be some ray loss? I am not sure if I am putting it in right words.
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TagschtMultiRegionSimpleFoam, fvDOM, Heat transfer, radiation
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