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0000274OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2011-11-10 16:30
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Summary0000274: Typos in the User Guide
Description         These days I’ve been rereading the User Guide (version 2.0) and
I’ve found some typos that you may want to correct:

Page U-25, 2nd to last paragraph “...There are some general settings are applied...”

Page U-27, 5th paragraph “...Display panel since it that controls the visual...”

Page U-29, 1st paragraph “…clcik…” (click)

Page U-29, 2nd to last paragraph “...We now wish to plot a streamlines of velocity...”

Page U-40, 1st paragraph “Enter the the cavityHighRe case...”

Page U-42, 1st paragraph “...keyword entry one the movingWall...”

Page U-61, 1st paragraph “...It dictionary contains the material

Page U-81, 5th paragraph “...can be run as as a background process...”

Page U-98, in table 3.8 the 4th and the 5th entries are hRhoThermo. I think the 5th is hsRhoThermo.

Page U-104, 4th paragraph “...The description of the OpenFOAM file format is described in...”

Page U-104, 5th paragraph “The format follows the following some general principles...”

Page U-104, last paragraph “ entity that contains as set data entries ...”

Page U-105, 2nd paragraph “ followed the the entries...”

Page U-110, 2nd paragraph “...well beyond a singe value...” (single)

Page U-113, last paragraph “...from an fvSchemes dictionary...”

Page U-115, last paragraph “...preprended...” (prepended)

Page U-116, 3rd paragraph “ which the limited is formulated...” (limiter)

Page U-118, last paragraph “The Gauss scheme is only choice of...”

Page U-121, 3rd paragraph “ is also normalized in to make it
independent of the scale of problem being analysed.”

Page U-121, last paragraph “...should represents the level...”

Page U-128, last paragraph “...and are must not overlap...”

Page U-129, 5th paragraph “...from the the centre of the cell...”

Page U-134, 1st paragraph “...those that patches that have some...”

Page U-135, 2nd paragraph “...from the wall of the cell centres...” (from the wall to the cell centers)

Page U-135, third-from-last paragraph “...If the user wishes to obtain a list of all available model, they should...”

Page U-140, 3rd paragraph “The first entry is the is the shape identifier...”

Page U-141, 3rd paragraph “...of the the user...”

Page U-159, 2nd to last paragraph “...meshes of 1 cell thickness [**].” (a footnote seems to be missing)

Page U-163, 3rd paragraph “ the a reader module...”

Page U-164, 2nd to last paragraph “...the Reset button which used to reset the GUI...”

Page U-176, 1st paragraph “...entries a specified in Table 6.5;”

Page U-183, the 3rd entry in table 7.3 is printCeoffs or printCoeffs?
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2011-11-10 16:30

manager   ~0000798

Thanks for the report.
Fixed on website, PDF will be corrected in next release...

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