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0002739OpenFOAMBugpublic2017-10-27 12:11
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Summary0002739: runTime.path() incorrect when using collated fileHandler
DescriptionrunTime.path() is <caseFolder>/processor0 (instead of <caseFolder>/processors) when running with -parallel -fileHandler collated. At least in the *EngineFoam solvers.

Steps To ReproduceReadily reproducible in the *EngineFoam solvers. Most notably the logSummary.*.dat cannot be created due to this issue (and actually the solver silently continues).

e.g. tutorial freePiston in coldEngineFoam

$ decomposePar -fileHandler collated
$ mpirun -np 4 coldEngineFoam -parallel -fileHandler collated

No logSummary is created.
Additional InformationPrinting runTime.path() from startSummary.H:

whereas one might expect <caseFolder>/processors. processor0 is not present. So:

$ mkdir processor0
$ mpirun -np 4 coldEngineFoam -parallel -fileHandler collated

And logSummary.0.dat is created and has everything as expected.

OpenFOAM-dev d7723455c.



2017-10-26 11:50

reporter   ~0008943

Correction: processor0 is only reported on the first rank, each rank reports runTime.path() as processor<rank> as in the uncollated behaviour.


2017-10-27 12:11

manager   ~0008945

Resolved in OpenFOAM-5.x by commit b34c3234353da3ebcf77194f548bffa6ef4c906d

Resolved in OpenFOAM-dev by commit 3ad3db0c86fc99ba2dbcbb3e1785a737cb6eda4e

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