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0002650OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-08-29 14:56
Assigned Tohenry 
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002650: Wrong factors for the cubic inerpolation scheme
DescriptionDetails of the problem and corresponding mathematics can be found in this thread:

To sum, there are the wrong values of kSc, kVecP, kVecN in cubic interpolation (see file src/finiteVolume/interpolation/surfaceInterpolation/schemes/cubic/cubic.H, lines 126, 127 and 142). Now the code is:
const surfaceScalarField kVecP(sqr(scalar(1) - lambda)*lambda);
const surfaceScalarField kVecN(sqr(lambda)*(lambda - scalar(1)));
surfaceInterpolationScheme<Type>::interpolate(vf, kSc, -kSc)

Should be:
const surfaceScalarField kVecN(-sqr(scalar(1) - lambda)*lambda);
const surfaceScalarField kVecP(-sqr(lambda)*(lambda - scalar(1)));
surfaceInterpolationScheme<Type>::interpolate(vf, -kSc, kSc)
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Sahas (reporter)

Present formula gives wrong results only in case of non-uniform grids, of course.


henry (manager)

Can you provide a simple case which demonstrates the need for this change which can also be used to test the new implementation?


Sahas (reporter)

I don't have such case but may be I can come up with it in a few days.
Anyway current implementation is incorrect "per se".


henry (manager)

The current implementation may incorrect and your suggested change may be correct but this needs to be demonstrated and the new implementation tested otherwise it is a random change which may or may not improve the code.


henry (manager)

Have you found a case which demonstrates the problem and verifies the proposed correction? If not should I close this report and "not reproducible"?


Sahas (reporter)

Hello, Henry! Sorry for delaying with answer.
I have performed some tests and found them unsatisfactory (the difference in results obtained using two formulas is not strong and obvious). Thus you may close the report with reason "suspended", I think. If I find a good test I reopen the report.


henry (manager)

Suspended pending verification of the proposed change.

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