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0002584OpenFOAMFeaturepublic2017-11-01 18:03
Assigned Tohenry 
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Summary0002584: Add support for 2D adaptive refinement
DescriptionHello Henry,

I am wondering if it would be possible to modify the (I guess) hexRef8 class in a way that it allows to refine only in two directions. That could be used for adaptive mesh refinement in 2D cases which are widely used in scientific fields (as you know).

I was thinking about to make a patch but it seems that the hexRef8 class is a bit too complex just to make a patch without having a good background in that topology change topic.

Kind regards,
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henry (manager)

Currently doing 2D refinement is messy and it would be a good for it to be a built-in option. I am not sure if adding 2D refinement support to hexRef8 would be the best way to go as I did not write this part of OpenFOAM and not spent much time studying it.


Shorty (reporter)

I was thinking about adding a 2D build-in option to the dynamicRefinement class. However, therefore we first need a library who can deal with the 2D split. I could build such a lib which handles the splitting of cells in 2D. However, right now there is not too much time to focus on that too much but if it is welcomed, I can try to make a new library who handles the 2D splitting and add it to the dynamicRefinement class as an build-in option.


henry (manager)

You might want to study the


class which support directional refinement and is used as the basis of the refineMesh utility. It is likely that multiDirRefinement could be extended to support dynamic refinement.


Shorty (reporter)

Thank you for the hint. if there is a patch ready, I will upload it.


Shorty (reporter)

The refinement for 2D is working so far but the main problem using the multiDirRefinement is based on the polyTopoChange object.

Right now I made a build-in to the dynamicRefineFvMesh class for 2D refinements. If we choose that, we call functions of the multiDirRefinement which works quite nice but the meshMod (polyTopoChange) makes trouble after I run the multiDirRefinement function. Any hint? I guess it is a bit more work to implement that in a nice way.


Shorty (reporter)

I guess I have also to investigate into the polyTopoChange class and understand what is going on there in order to make the patch.


wyldckat (updater)

@Shorty: Since it's been a few months since this was open, please re-open this report when you have the patch ready.

Furthermore, please notice that feature requests that aren't fulfilled within a few months after being open, usually are closed as "suspended". Finding these later one can be done by searching here for:
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