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0002571OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-06-06 10:43
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Summary0002571: in foam-dev (20170605) using [TAB] in foamMonitor creates a syntax error on folder name ".../residuals(p,k)"
Descriptionexample of folder location:

when using the command ls and finish typing with [TAB] I can make automatically;
ls postProcessing/residuals\(p\,k\)/0/residuals.dat

when using the same typing in the command foamMonitor -l, I have;
foamMonitor -l postProcessing/residuals(p,k)
and later the [TAB] can't finish anymore due to the syntax error on "residuals(p,k)".
Steps To Reproducesee above

It is only reproducible in the latest version of foam-dev
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