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0002529OpenFOAMBugpublic2018-07-10 11:24
Reporterhk318i Assigned Tohenry  
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PlatformGNU/LinuxOSUbuntuOS Version14.04
Product Versiondev 
Fixed in Versiondev 
Summary0002529: triSurfaceMesh in blockMesh

I noticed that triSurfaceMesh is selectable in the new blockMesh extension (projection) in OpenFOAM-dev, So I tried to test it. triSurfaceMesh is looking for the stl file in constant/geometry instead of constant/triSurface which isn't typical in OpenFOAM. I'm not sure if this behaviour is intended or not.
Steps To Reproduce1) Use blockMesh/pipe tutorial
2) Modify geometry.cylinder dict to
        //type searchableCylinder;
        //point1 (0 -4 0);
        //point2 (0 4 0);
        //radius 0.7;
        type triSurfaceMesh;
        file "cylinder.stl";
3) Add constant/triSurface/cylinder.stl file.
Additional InformationThe problem is this function;
Foam::fileName Foam::triSurfaceMesh::checkFile
    const IOobject& io,
    const dictionary& dict
In particular, fName = io.objectPath().path()/fName;
The "io.objectPath().path()" is pointing to /geometry not /triSurface.

If this behaviour is intended, it worth to be mentioned in the class description at least.

Best wishes,



2017-04-20 10:58

manager   ~0008034

The issue is that blockMesh can work with any form of searchableSurfaces, not just triSurfaceMesh and the location is specified as /geometry irrespective of the form of searchableSurface is provided. If the directory name were changed to /triSurface it would be odd for the other current and future forms of searchableSurface supported. The anomaly is that /triSurface is used elsewhere in OpenFOAM for reading searchableSurfaces even though they might not be triSurfaces but some other form of searchableSurface. If we were to make any change for consistency it would have to be /triSurface -> /geometry rather than the other way round.


2017-04-20 11:13

reporter   ~0008036

I totally agree,/geometry is the general consistent way to procedure. But for now, keeping searchableExtrudedCircle reads from /triSurface is confusing. Additionally, I think searchableExtrudedCircle should be moved src/meshTools/searchableSurface.


2017-04-20 11:21

manager   ~0008037

Agreed, I will make the changes to searchableExtrudedCircle you suggest.


2017-04-20 12:00

manager   ~0008038

searchableExtrudedCircle cannot be put in src/meshTools/searchableSurface because it depends on edgeMesh which depends on meshTools. I can put it in edgeMesh but this is not very logical.


2017-04-20 12:34

reporter   ~0008039

I can see the problem now, it means the only way would be moving searchableSurface + searchableExtrudedCircle to another point after edgeMesh. Maybe to src/mesh but I'm not sure if that is logical or not. what do you think?


2017-04-20 12:39

manager   ~0008040

searchableExtrudedCircle can either be in the edgeMesh library or another compiled after the edgeMesh library or in a new library. src/mesh is not a library, it contains the directory for the blockMesh extrudeModel snappyHexMesh libraries but could hold yet another library for the searchableSurfaces.


2017-04-20 12:44

reporter   ~0008041

Yes, that what I mean searchableSurfaces as library but not directly in src because it belongs to mesh in some sense but does not belongs too much to edgeMesh.
Regarding your latest commit, blockMesh/pipe/ tutorial will require small modification (moving triSurface -> geometry ).


2017-04-20 12:50

manager   ~0008042

I am not keen on creating yet another mesh library, I think it would be better to merge edgeMesh into meshTools and rename meshTools to something more logical.


2017-04-20 14:25

reporter   ~0008043

I think, that will be very sensible as well


2017-04-21 10:40

manager   ~0008044

Resolved by commits:

commit 37cd5434a62e22f32c094ba18d94a45c58444a71
commit 0a32d8a11e1b8039c6637f67ada220e3a7979f0a
commit f9db06441a67912696fe2f1db2e752385340d669

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