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0002466OpenFOAMFeaturepublic2017-02-21 14:54
ReporterJacques Assigned Tohenry  
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PlatformGNU/LinuxOSUbuntuOS Version14.04
Summary0002466: Failed to run OpenFoam4.1 floatingObject tutorial with sixDOF solver
DescriptionI have a problem running OpenFoam 4.1 on its floatingObject tutorial when trying to run it with dynamicMeshDict replaced by dynamicMeshDict.sixDoF, according to instructions from

henry (manager)
2016-07-28 14:43
In OpenFOAM-4.x the floatingObject case is setup to demonstrate the new n-DoF motion solver. In the constant directory you will see dynamicMeshDict and dynamicMeshDict.sixDoF, if you

mv dynamicMeshDict.sixDoF dynamicMeshDict

then it will run the same setup as OpenFOAM-3.0.x

My Log.interDyMFoam reports:

Selecting sixDoFSolver Newmark
Translational constraint tensor (0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0)
Rotational constraint tensor (0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0)

wrong token type - expected word, found on line 37 the label 500

Appreciate any help
Steps To Reproduce./Allclean
mv dynamicMeshDict.sixDoF dynamicMeshDict
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2017-02-20 18:13

manager   ~0007773

Try OpenFOAM-4.x or OpenFOAM-dev


2017-02-20 23:58

updater   ~0007778

I was curious about this issue... I can confirm that this tutorial case will work just fine with a recent build of OpenFOAM-4.x and OpenFOAM-dev, although I have yet to fully understand what changed in 4.x to make this work.

Anyway, @Jacques: If for whatever reason you cannot build OpenFOAM-4.x or OpenFOAM-dev, see the following commit online, which shows the fix needed for this case and dictionary change to work with OpenFOAM 4.1:

I ran this case with the "dynamicMeshDict.sixDoF" dictionary and these modifications with OpenFOAM 4.1 from Deb package on Ubuntu 16.04 and the results seemed visually identical to the ones achieved with OpenFOAM-dev.

Nonetheless, if you can, please do upgrade to OpenFOAM-4.x or OpenFOAM-dev:

 - Instructions for building either one from source code:

 - Instructions for installing OpenFOAM-dev from Deb package, including on the reported Ubuntu 14.04:

Please re-open this report if it doesn't work for you. Closing this report as "no change required".


2017-02-21 01:24

reporter   ~0007781

I solved the issue by renaming rho on line 37 of the dynamicMeshDict (which is a copy of dynamicMeshDict.sixDoF) and using the new name in the mass calculation formula, line 40.
An explanation might be that the name rho was already defined in prior code.

Note, I already work in OF4.1. I don't need feedback, but my comment might be useful for other users.


2017-02-21 08:17

manager   ~0007782

Already fixed in OpenFOAM-4.x and -dev


2017-02-21 14:39

reporter   ~0007785

The identifier clash issue was indeed addressed in the note referred to. However, that fix was not implemented in the tutorial files of my very recent download of OpenFoam4.1.

OpenFOAM-4.x or OpenFOAM-dev, see the following commit online, which shows the fix needed for this case and dictionary change to work with OpenFOAM 4.1:


2017-02-21 14:53

updater   ~0007786

@Jacques: Just to be certain, please allow me to clarify why we were suggesting that you should upgrade to OpenFOAM-4.x or OpenFOAM-dev:

 - OpenFOAM 4.x is a version available in source code form at a git repository, as explained here:

 - Which means that 4.x has all of the existing bug fixes that were implemented after the latest stable release, which right now is 4.1.

 - In other words: 4.x has more bug fixes than 4.1.

 - OpenFOAM-dev is available in source code form at a git repository (see previous link) and in Deb package format for Ubuntu 14.04:

 - OpenFOAM-dev provides the bleeding edge of the development provided by the OpenFOAM Foundation, which provides both bug fixes and newer features, which will be released in the next major version.

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