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0002460OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-02-18 10:20
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Summary0002460: Theoretical basis for fvc::reconstruct
DescriptionHello, here were are working with compressible solvers looking for improvements in stability which involves the use of the fvc::reconstruct operator. We've obtained good results and want to properly cite the original idea behind this operator but we couldn't find the theoretical basis in the literature, even more there is a missing explanation for this operator in the Programmer's Guide.

All we know comes from the code and some comments in cfd-online.com:



From this information we've elaborated some formulas and an explanation for the operator based on the idea of seeing reconstruct as an inverse operation for the interpolation.

If you offer some pointers to books or papers we'll be pleased to cite them.

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henry (manager)

Please do not use this forum for support requests.


santiagomarquezd (reporter)

Well, I would not be asking for this information if documentation were not buggy as is today, so I think it is not support, is documentation bug fixing.


henry (manager)

Incomplete documentation is not a bug but if the documentation provided contains errors then that is a bug.


santiagomarquezd (reporter)

So, in that case please remove the present entry for reconstruct from the Programmer's Guide since it only has its name but the formulas or explanations are missing (or maybe the idea is to have at least the list?)

Today it looks like this:




henry (manager)

It may be useful to people that the functionality is listed even if the description is incomplete but if it is generally felt that the entry should not be included in the list it could be removed in the next version of the Programmer's Guide.

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