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0002459OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-02-27 09:33
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Summary0002459: fieldAverage function object is wrongly initialized for variable time step sizes
DescriptionFor a variable time step size the totalTime is initialized with the first time step size deltaT.

I guess it happens in the function
void Foam::functionObjects::fieldAverage::readAveragingProperties()
     totalTime_.setSize(faItems_.size(), obr_.time().deltaTValue());

I set the timeStart in the controlDict to 87.

For my case the deltaT value at timeStart was quite different from the initial time step size (a factor 10 heigher).

So the averaged velocity computed at the first averaging step was not equal to the velocity at the time of the first averaging step.

since the factors in fieldAverageTemplates.C

       scalar dt = obr_.time().deltaTValue();
         scalar Dt = totalTime_[fieldi];

where not the same at the very first averaging step.

When I initialized the totalTime_[fieldi] list with the deltaT value at the averaging start the very first mean velocity was equal to the current velocity.
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