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0002451OpenFOAMBugpublic2017-02-07 16:01
Reporteralice Assigned Tohenry  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformGNU/LinuxOSUbuntuOS Version16.04
Summary0002451: DTCHull tutorial case crashes
DescriptionThis particular tutorial case fails to run to completion. Failure occurs at about 0.32 seconds into the parallel run of interDyMFoam
Steps To ReproduceI recopied the case to my run directory for a second attempt with same results (See attached file interDyMFoam.log)
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2017-02-06 00:17


log.interDyMFoam_end (20,032 bytes)


2017-02-06 17:42

manager   ~0007714

I am unable to reproduce the crash in OpenFOAM-4.x but the VoF does go unbounded in the early stages of the run which can cause problems. I am looking for cause of the unboundness and found that for the max Co of this run
it is necessary to increase nLimiterIter and also thetolerance of pCorr is not tight enough. I am now running with:
        nAlphaCorr 3;
        nAlphaSubCycles 1;
        cAlpha 1;
        icAlpha 0;

        MULESCorr yes;
        nLimiterIter 15;
        alphaApplyPrevCorr yes;

        solver smoothSolver;
        smoother symGaussSeidel;
        tolerance 1e-10;
        relTol 0;
        minIter 1;

        solver GAMG;

        smoother DIC;

        tolerance 0.001;
        relTol 0;

and the boundness is much better.


2017-02-06 23:01

manager   ~0007715

The important change is "tolerance 0.001;" on pcorr and with this boundedness of alpha is significantly improved. I have pushed this change into OpenFOAM-4.x, let me know if it helps your run.


2017-02-07 00:39

reporter   ~0007716

So quick! Thank you - runs fine now


2017-02-07 10:02

manager   ~0007717

Resolved by commit 7c251b6e921da4665b0da2defd46a4c80930044e

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