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0002429ThirdPartyPatchpublic2017-01-12 00:20
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Summary0002429: scotch compile script
Descriptionin etc/wmakeFiles/scotch

why don't we support other compiler than gcc by just modifying

AR = $(WM_CC)
CCS = $(WM_CC)
CFLAGS += -DCOMMON_PTHREAD (this is just support for scotch 6.0.4)
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related to 0002371new OpenFOAM Enable Intel compiler for ThirdParty software 



wyldckat (updater)

If you check the comments for report #2371: https://bugs.openfoam.org/view.php?id=2371 - the problem is that we need to know if Scotch is supported to be built with the same compilers as OpenFOAM is supported, on all of the same supported platforms.

If you can test and provide feedback for all of these, please do so and then this can easily be changed in OpenFOAM's building stack.

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