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0002428OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-01-20 10:52
Assigned Tohenry 
Platformx86_64OSUbuntuOS Version16.04
Product Versiondev 
Target VersionFixed in Version4.x 
Summary0002428: sampling using cloudSet hangs in parallel run
DescriptionWhen using a cloudSet in a parallel run, the program hangs in meshSearch.findCell

I have noticed this in a customized function object which uses a lot of cloudSets. But the issue also appears in the postProcess utility.
Steps To Reproduce* Download and unpack attached case "sample_test.tgz"
* Execute Allrun script
* postProcess hangs in parallel
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wyldckat (updater)

I've gotten deeper into the debugging. We can reproduce the issue with using only 8 processors instead of 48.

What happens is that when using 8 processors:
 - the 'processor3' ends the search early in 'cloudSet::calcSamples', because 'queryMesh.findCell' returned early;
 - all other processors kept trying to search and got stuck in the first sync in 'polyMeshTetDecomposition::findFaceBasePts', namely with:

    syncTools::swapBoundaryFacePositions(mesh, neighbourCellCentres);

My preliminary assessment is that the method 'polyMesh::tetBasePtIs()' should somehow be called earlier, so that the sync always happens.

Going back to why 'processor3' completed the search early, it was because within 'indexedOctree<Type>::findInside', the line:

    if (isContent(contentIndex))

considered that the 'contentIndex=1' is not 'content'.

And this is where I managed to get to with the time I had.


MattijsJ (reporter)

Try and replace the call to


with something like


since the octree is already on the polyMesh. The polyMesh::findCell should have provision for calling findFaceBasePts() before doing actual searching.


henry (manager)

Resolved in OpenFOAM-dev by commit 77bd21177b50d7f548dc2abeb6845f200d30001f

Resolved in OpenFOAM-4.x by commit 8ff56d46b9c581a4e58752d251b034b4f9fc0028

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