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0002423OpenFOAMFeaturepublic2017-09-20 18:48
Assigned Tohenry 
Product Version4.x 
Target VersionFixed in Version4.x 
Summary0002423: wallGradU
DescriptionI wonder if there is any particular reason why wallGradU is not in OF4x.
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henry (reporter)

There is no particular need for it, the more general 'grad' is provided which includes the wall gradient.


wyldckat (updater)

Attached is the tarball 'contrib_bug2423.tar.gz' what provides two scripts for at least two of a few other missing references to utilities that were replaced, by using the existing reference scripts as a base:

 - bin/stressComponents

   Reproduced with "<solverName> -funcs '(R components(turbulenceProperties:R))'"

 - bin/wallGradU

   Reproduced with "postProcess -func 'grad(U)'"

 - Can be applied to 4.x and dev
 - I used the Copyright year only as it being 2017.

I then checked for OpenFOAM-dev and 'wdot' seemed to be the only other one missing, which is attached in 'contrib_bug2423_dev.tar.gz':

 - bin/wdot

   Reproduced with "postProcess -func XiReactionRate"

Beyond these:

 - 'uprime' and 'pPrime2' are still missing, but I couldn't figure out what they were replaced with exactly and the git history didn't provide detailed comments of what they were replaced with :(

 - 'dsmcFieldsCalc' I didn't even bother, because it didn't seem to be used by any tutorials, at least all the way back to 2.0.x.


henry (reporter)

Resolved in OpenFOAM-dev by commit 80d540765a4b29d7e14af30526df3a797d892635

Resolved in OpenFOAM-4.x by commit d5dd04e0a63b88c2361182a6d74b429692202749


joegi (reporter)

I just would like to point out than when using

postProcess -func 'grad(U)' -noZero

It gives the following warning

--> FOAM Warning : functionObjects::grad grad(U) cannot find required object U of type volScalarField
--> FOAM Warning : functionObjects::grad grad(U) cannot find required object U of type surfaceScalarField

I guess is nothing to worry about as grad(U) is computed, but usually openfoam is very quiet so I worry a little bit when this kind of warnings.


wyldckat (updater)

It only warns until it finds what it was looking for... which can be seen here:

 - 'foundObject': https://github.com/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-dev/blob/146f7e6beaf592e4b17f606fa9794436be6de32f/src/functionObjects/field/fieldExpression/fieldExpressionTemplates.C#L30

 - 'calcGrad': https://github.com/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-dev/blob/146f7e6beaf592e4b17f606fa9794436be6de32f/src/functionObjects/field/grad/gradTemplates.C

 - How 'calc' calls 'calcGrad': https://github.com/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-dev/blob/146f7e6beaf592e4b17f606fa9794436be6de32f/src/functionObjects/field/grad/grad.C#L43

@joegi: Given the code listed above, what do you suggest should be done?


joegi (reporter)

Just to let you know that the header of grad(U) is also a little bit confusing. I got something like this:

# xx xy xz yx yy yz zx zy zzgrad(U)_0 grad(U)_1 grad(U)_2 grad(U)_3 grad(U)_4 grad(U)_5 grad(U)_6 grad(U)_7 grad(U)_8

I think the header should be something like this

#x y z grad(U)_0 grad(U)_1 grad(U)_2 grad(U)_3 grad(U)_4 grad(U)_5 grad(U)_6 grad(U)_7 grad(U)_8


wyldckat (updater)

@joegi: Sorry... but what exactly are you referring to? How did you get that output?

I ask this because running <tt>postProcess -func 'grad(U)'</tt> only writes the 'grad(U)' field!


joegi (reporter)

my bad, that is the output of a surface sampling of grad(U).


wyldckat (updater)

I'm setting this issue back to resolved+fixed as stated in comment ~7618, because I can't figure out to which function object @joegi was referring to in the previous comment.

@joegi: If you find this issue again, please create a new report and provide more details. I've looked for 15-20 minutes for this and could not find what kind of sampling you used.

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