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Summary0002420: Residuals vary for different writeIntervalls
I noticed a strange behaviour this case. As you can see in the added Zip-folder, the residual-convergence has a dependency on the writeInterval.

The two images (gnuplot_residuals_*) show the convergence for a writeIntervall of 1.5s/2s. Depending on the writeIntervall in the controlDict there are four bumps every e.g. 1.5s/2s before it converges.

the results are correct, but still it's a little bug..

Steps To Reproducerun ./continue-parallel
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henry (manager)

If you are running with adjustable time-step and

    writeControl adjustableRunTime;

the time-step is adjusted by the write interval which affects the residuals and convergence. To avoid this you could run with a fixed time-step but you have to ensure it is small enough for stability.

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