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0002370OpenFOAMBugpublic2016-12-03 19:31
Reportersjoshi Assigned Tohenry  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformGNU/LinuxOSUbuntuOS Version14.04
Summary0002370: Incorrect return value in metisDecomp::decompose() function
DescriptionIn file: src/parallel/decompose/metisDecomp/metisDecomp.C
In function (line 258):

Foam::labelList Foam::metisDecomp::decompose
    const polyMesh& mesh,
    const labelList& agglom,
    const pointField& agglomPoints,
    const scalarField& agglomWeights

The return statement returns "finalDecomp" instead of "fineDistribution"

Fix: replace

return finalDecomp;


return fineDistribution;



2016-12-03 13:12

manager   ~0007385

Can you provide the steps to reproduce the crash?


2016-12-03 16:33

reporter   ~0007386

This requires compilation of OpenFOAM with metis.

1. Clone the repository into src/dynamicFvMesh and recompile OpenFOAM
2. In any one of the testCases, in system/balanceParDict, change the method to "metis"
3. Run the testCase

The crash occurs when dynamic load-balancing is attempted.


2016-12-03 19:31

manager   ~0007387

Thanks for reporting

Resolved in OpenFOAM-4.x by commit 7209ceb3068beae119f5630d4b657db802535e49

Resolved in OpenFOAM-dev by commit 6b161934c9ce3c44ac1956b22ab00a1bd2017707

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