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0002285OpenFOAMPatchpublic2016-10-10 10:42
Reporterwyldckat Assigned Tohenry  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Summary0002285: FOAM_ETC set but not unset with wmUnset
DescriptionI'm not 100% certain if this was missed or if it's intended to stay defined, but FOAM_ETC is not unset when we use "wmUnset", namely the respective "unset" script.

If this is meant to remain set after clean up, we should add a little note about it.
If it's meant to also be unset, then I can have a patch for this later today.
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2016-10-08 15:14


fix_unset_v1.tar.gz (2,080 bytes)


2016-10-08 15:18

updater   ~0006985

I've changed the report from Bug to Patch, since I'm now attaching the patch for fixing this issue.

The attached file "fix_unset_v1.tar.gz" provides the following files, which can be applied to both OpenFOAM 4.x and dev:

  - etc/config.csh/unset
  - etc/

The changes made were:

  - unset the shell environment variable "FOAM_ETC", since this is not re-usable outside of the OpenFOAM shell environment for any of OpenFOAM's scripts in "bin" and "etc".

  - switched the order of "FOAM_CODE_TEMPLATES" with "FOAM_EXT_LIBBIN" and placed "FOAM_ETC" in-between, so that all variables on this block would be fully sorted alphabetically.


2016-10-09 15:18

manager   ~0006993

Resolved by commit 44281e24038da4a44d220ce0aa09237110dbe5b4


2016-10-10 10:39

updater   ~0006996

Sorry to re-open, but this also affects OpenFOAM 4.x.
The previously attached package was originally tested with 4.x.


2016-10-10 10:42

manager   ~0006997

Resolved by commit 192edd160b93ee6a52d9a4e2554c9c09cc8587fd

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