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0000222OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2011-06-20 10:50
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Summary0000222: Explain how to visualize the blockMesh in ParaView
DescriptionThis is probably in your TODO list, but one of the starter places where users can read about the new functionality would be at , explaining how to visualize Figure 2.2 in ParaView by running:
   paraFoam -block

This is a very nice feature indeed :)
But I'm still wondering if this is just a helper feature or if it already does some diagnosis on its own...
Additional InformationIn case you are wondering how I reported this as a 2.0.x bug, I simply hacked the html code on my side with Firebug :D
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2011-06-20 10:04


Yes - we'll add some notes on this new functionality

Re: setting the version number for the bug report - 2.0.x is already an option - is this not visible for you? The current options are (should be) 1.7.x/2.0.x/other


2011-06-20 10:10

updater   ~0000459

Quote: "2.0.x is already an option - is this not visible for you?"
Nope, I've just tried and it's (at least) still not visible on the reporter's side when creating a new report. It only has 1.7.x/Other.

Similarly for the ThirdParty project, where no option is available yet.

I've been using Firefox 3.6.17, but this shouldn't be a browser issue... or so I hope. I've tried forcing a full refresh of the page, in order to dump the cache, but still no 2.0.x :(


2011-06-20 10:24


Looks as though it was a problem on this side - all should now be visible


2011-06-20 10:27

updater   ~0000461

Yep, I've confirmed it!


2011-06-20 10:50


good news

doc update will follow in due course

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