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0002173OpenFOAMPatchpublic2016-08-02 16:27
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Summary0002173: Bug fix for boxTurb16/Allrun and propositions for a few other Allrun scripts
Description1- The main issue for this report is in the tutorial script "DNS/dnsFoam/boxTurb16/Allrun", which is still using the old "enstrophy" command, instead of using "postProcess -func enstrophy".

2- Associated to this, the suggestion is that the other calls to "postProcess" that rely in "runApplication" should take advantage of the "-s" option to make it clearer of what was executed, e.g.:

    runApplication -s enstrophy postProcess -func enstrophy

The suffix could possibly be added automatically in "runApplication", but it feels like that's a bit of a security risk... my main concern is if there ever comes up a function that has some crazy character definition, which would break the script code that retrieved the suffix name.

3- While I'm at it, the script "combustion/XiFoam/ras/Allrun" gives a small error/warning message when running the "Alltest" script... more details below.

Therefore, the attached package "proposition_2173.tar.gz" provides the following files and respective changes:

  - tutorials/DNS/dnsFoam/boxTurb16/Allrun

    - Fix for using the correct "enstrophy" command, along with using the respective log suffix

  - tutorials/combustion/XiFoam/ras/Allrun

    - The proposed fix provided here is to avoid the following error message when running the "Alltest" script:

        cp: cannot stat `../moriyoshiHomogeneous/0.005': No such file or directory

    - Essentially the fix is to rely on "foamListTimes -latestTime -case ..." to get the correct time folder.

    - This isn't critical, but it can potentially hide other similar errors, when future improvements are done to the "Alltest" mechanism.

  - tutorials/compressible/sonicFoam/laminar/shockTube/Allrun

    - Proposed using the log suffix "sample" when running "postProcess"

  - tutorials/electromagnetics/mhdFoam/hartmann/Allrun

    - Proposed using the log suffix "sample" when running "postProcess"

  - tutorials/heatTransfer/buoyantSimpleFoam/buoyantCavity/Allrun

    - Proposed using the log suffix "sample" when running "postProcess"

  - tutorials/stressAnalysis/solidDisplacementFoam/plateHole/Allrun

    - Proposed using the log suffix "singleGraph" when running "postProcess"

    - Also gave more spaces for middle-indenting the line that handles "sigma", to make it a bit easier to read the script code for the list of "postProcess" commands.
Additional InformationI've already done a quick run with Alltest with these tutorial cases and it ran without problems.

This can also be applied to OpenFOAM-dev.
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2016-08-02 11:30



2016-08-02 16:27

manager   ~0006615

Thanks Bruno, I am happy with all your proposed changes and applied them to 4.x and dev:

OpenFOAM-4.x: commit 725132a1030909508c4325975c7f4fae29fefd2f
OpenFOAM-dev: commit 47bb19c5253fcb144641c3eb09da1a82842816d0

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