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Summary0002045: Unbounded alpha when using PIMPLE in multiphaseEulerFoam
DescriptionIf the bubbleColumn tutorial provided with OpenFoam for multiphaseEulerFoam is used and in fvSolution the value for nOuterCorrectors is set to a value higher than 1, the alpha values in the first time-step and the second PIMPLE-iteration will be much largerthan one. Interestingly, with reactingMultiphaseEulerFoam everything works fine.
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2016-04-07 12:42

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2016-04-07 13:49

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In order to maintain boundedness of the phase-fraction the fluxes MUST be conservative. Thus if the alpha solution is included in the PIMPLE loop the pressure must be sufficiently well converged each time-step so it is unwise to use relTol. If I set

        solver GAMG;
        smoother DIC;
        nPreSweeps 0;
        nPostSweeps 2;
        nFinestSweeps 2;
        cacheAgglomeration true;
        nCellsInCoarsestLevel 10;
        agglomerator faceAreaPair;
        mergeLevels 1;
        tolerance 1e-8;
        relTol 0;

then your case runs correctly, at least in OpenFOAM-dev, I didn't test 3.0.x but it should be the same.


2016-04-07 14:18

reporter   ~0006094

I tested it with multiphaseEulerFoam in OF 3.0.x and you are right. Thank you for your help.

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