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0002029OpenFOAMPatchpublic2016-03-17 10:08
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Summary0002029: reactingEulerFoam: fluid.correctThermo() and energy correctors
DescriptionIn the reactingTwo/MultiPhaseEulerFoam EEqns.H the fluid.correctThermo() should be within the energy corrector loop in order to update the interfacial temperature Tf and phase temperatures that are used in the interfacial heat transfer calculation.

I've attached a modified EEqns.H files for reactingTwo/MultiphaseEulerFoam
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2016-03-17 07:35


EEqns.H (1,459 bytes)


2016-03-17 07:36


EEqns_multiPhase.H (1,149 bytes)


2016-03-17 08:07

manager   ~0006040

Resolved by commit 926c29e95ad3adcce90b9b0f34cd2b1b1e2b9d24

Note that I could not use the updated files provided as they are not compatible with current OpenFOAM-dev. Please pull the latest.

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