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0002025OpenFOAMBugpublic2016-03-15 20:35
ReporterArne Assigned Tohenry  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformGNU/LinuxOSUbuntuOS Version14.04
Summary0002025: drift flux model general needs word as input for residualAlpha which is not default
DescriptionThe general model of the driftFluxFoam solver wants a word as input. However, in the provided transportProperties files a float is default. Therefore, switching the drift flux model from simple to general leads to an fatal error.
I do not think that is intended.
Steps To Reproduce1. open a driftFluxFoam solver testcase
2. switch relativeVelocityModel from simple to general
3. run the application
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2016-03-15 20:35

manager   ~0006037

Resolved by commit f78a52aef7e2f02427fcc2722f853ca8458287cd

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