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Summary0002023: Code documentation: Several file updates, including CSS and header file
DescriptionSo I went through a long rabbit hole today, when I was only planning on providing a fix for "uniformInterpolatedDisplacement", which for 3.0.1 Doxygen rendered everything in HTML as if it was a straight line.

Attached is the file "tweakingCodeDoc_v1.tar.gz", which provides the following changes:

  1- Several Doxygen-compatible (tested with Doxygen 1.8.9 on Ubuntu 15.10) format repairs to the descriptions of several class header files. This included:

    - broken lists, due to inconsistent Doxygen parsing on what constitutes a list or not...
    - missing verbatim blocks or inconsistent indentation in those blocks;
    - a few changes from quotes to \c command;
    - added a few of the missing parameter descriptions, for which Doxygen warned about it being incomplete.

  2- "doc/Doxygen/_Header": Added missing JavaScript files and jumpstart call for the search function to work properly again; and fixed typo in the first <meta> block.

  3- "doc/Doxygen/css/cfdLayout.css": Added font format to <code> blocks and removed non-existent background image link.

  4- Removed extra include for "PstreamReduceOps.H", pointed out by Doxygen with a cryptic message of "could not find file" (can't remember the exact statement).

  5- Fixed proper including of files in "src/OpenFOAM/graph/curve/curveTools.H" (same cryptic message was given by Doxygen).

  6- A few changes from \a to \c

  7- Repaired usage of "\cond ignoreDocumentation" in a couple of files.

  8- Fixed a few typos here and there, as well as removed/replaced a few repeated descriptions about "kappa" and "kappaName" that are already explained in another class.

  9- Added a few missing SeeAlso and SourceFiles.

  10- Repaired a few class paths in the header files.

  11- RASBoundaryConditionsDoc.H - repaired overriding name of group "grpWallFunctions", by renaming it to "grpRASWallFunctions".
Additional InformationSide note: The class "alphaContactAngleFvPatchScalarField" is a curious example of what happens if we have several header files with the same name and namespace location:

The result is that the comments for all 5 different instances are all documented into the same page in HTML format. So, either these should be placed in different namespaces or some other strategy should be used with Doxygen grouping?
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Thanks Bruno

Resolved by commit 7037737d03d1d8464d3ba897070c04d7d2bd42b1

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