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0001962OpenFOAMBugpublic2016-01-05 07:32
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Summary0001962: README in OpenFOAM-dev needs a link to the respective dev.php page
DescriptionThis post: - post #2 - has lead me to the conclusion that the file in the OpenFOAM-dev repository needs a link to and/or a dedicated description in said file about this specific repository, so that it doesn't get as easily confused with the bug fix repositories, such as 3.0.x.
Additional InformationIt took me a few minutes to get to understand the original question, since I'm already familiar with the OpenFOAM-dev repository and for how long the community wanted access to such a repository.
But having to rethink and reinterpret that post, reminded me that it wasn't made perfectly clear what it was, back when it was created on the 10th anniversary of the OpenFOAM project.
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2016-01-05 07:32

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