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0001928OpenFOAMBugpublic2016-04-20 21:07
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PlatformGNU/LinuxOSUbuntuOS Version12.04
Summary0001928: aachenBomb bug with sprayDyMFoam
DescriptionWhen I add a dynamic mesh option to the aachenBomb tutotial, the drops start to behave really weirdly : it goes straights forward...

Originally I noticed this problem with a classic spray injection of n-heptane droplets. At the beginning, everything looks ok but as soon as the domain is refined during the simulation, the droplets behave strangely : it follows straight lines.

It is closely linked to the automatic refinement because when I turn it off and design a fine mesh from the very beginning instead, the bug doesn't appear anymore. Also because this bug appear just after the mesh refinement.
Steps To ReproduceAdd a dynamicMeshDict file in the constant directory of the aachenBomb totorial.

Modify the controlDict file to use the sprayDyMFoam solver

Run the aachenBomb new case.
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related to 0001758 closedhenry aachenBomb bug with dynamicMesh and sprayDyMFoam solver 
related to 0002000 resolvedhenry Wrong pEqn.h in sprayEngineFoam 



2015-11-25 18:11


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2015-11-25 18:23

manager   ~0005680

It is likely that this will take significant effort to fix so unless you or someone else has the time to work on it we will need to seek sponsorship.


2015-11-27 12:45


I've already spent some time on this issue without being able to figure out what the problem is, and unfortunately I won't have much more time to work on it...


2016-02-18 08:44

manager   ~0005969

It is likely that this problem relates to the pressure equation issue reported here:

Could you test this change in OpenFOAM-3.0.x/dev and report back?


2016-04-20 21:07

manager   ~0006146

Orphaned report

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