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0001927OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2015-12-03 16:41
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Summary0001927: ENH: Add fvOptions to turbulence models
DescriptionThe ability to add sources, constraints, etc. to turbulence models would be a nice feature. I got someone's version of kEpsilon with options working for 2.3.x, but it's broken as of the 3.0 changes:
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2015-11-25 16:23

manager   ~0005678

This is on the list of things to do but will take a bit of time, particularly for testing. We are seeking sponsorship for this development.


2015-11-28 19:15

manager   ~0005683


commit 0517efd7dbcba8d2f168a0d81ec93691a59dd243
Author: Henry Weller <>
Date: Sat Nov 28 19:07:42 2015 +0000

    turbulenceModels/RAS/kEpsilon/kEpsilon: Added experimental support for fvOptions

Currently fvOptions.correct(nut) is performed in correct() rather than correctNut() to ensure that post-processing utilities which do not instantiate fvOptions can instantiate turbulence models. It would be preferable to provide the fvOptions as an argument to the turbulence models constructor and New factory method and hold a reference rather than looking it up from the database but this would then require that all utilities which instantiate turbulence models first construct fvOptions. All the issues surrounding these choices are being considered.


2015-12-03 16:41

manager   ~0005721

fvOptions are now fully supported in all turbulence models in OpenFOAM-dev.

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