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0001912OpenFOAMBugpublic2015-11-13 10:58
ReporterDanielJ Assigned Tohenry  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformGNU/LinuxOSUbuntuOS Version14.04
Summary0001912: createTurbulenceFields does not support turbulentIntensityKineticEnergyInlet
DescriptionWhen using createTurbulenceFields with one of k boundaries set to turbulentIntensityKineticEnergyInlet, the following error is produced:
Retrieving field k from turbulence model

Retrieving field epsilon from turbulence model

Retrieving field R from turbulence model

Unknown patchField type turbulentIntensityKineticEnergyInlet

Valid patchField types are :

The reason for this error is that the R field is create based on boundary types from the k field and the turbulentIntensityKineticEnergyInlet is not available for symmetric tensor.

In OpenFOAM-dev it would require updating only continuousGasKEpsilon.C, however for older versions all the k-based models wold have to be corrected.
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2015-11-12 22:54

manager   ~0005607

There is currently no general mapping from k BCs to R BCs and it is not clear what the R equivalent of turbulentIntensityKineticEnergyInlet should be. However, the R field is not generally needed so the easiest solution would be to make the writing of R optional.


2015-11-13 10:33

reporter   ~0005608

I agree that it is probably the easiest solution.


2015-11-13 10:58

manager   ~0005609

Resolved in OpenFOAM-dev by commit c18fd1d3009673b1c5363b265303f1b27896604b

Author: Henry Weller <>
Date: Fri Nov 13 10:55:34 2015 +0000

    createTurbulenceFields: Specification of turbulence fields now command-line option
    Usage: createTurbulenceFields [OPTIONS]
      -case <dir> specify alternate case directory, default is the cwd
      -constant include the 'constant/' dir in the times list
      -fields <wordReList>
                        specify which turbulence fields (k, epsilon, omega, R) to
                        write - eg '(k omega)' or '(R)' or '(.*)'.
      -latestTime select the latest time
      -newTimes select the new times
                        do not execute functionObjects
      -noZero exclude the '0/' dir from the times list, has precedence
                        over the -withZero option
      -parallel run in parallel
      -roots <(dir1 .. dirN)>
                        slave root directories for distributed running
      -time <ranges> comma-separated time ranges - eg, ':10,20,40:70,1000:'
      -srcDoc display source code in browser
      -doc display application documentation in browser
      -help print the usage

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