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0001905ThirdPartyBugpublic2015-11-08 00:43
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Summary0001905: Please recover makeQt et al from 2.4.x to at least 3.0.x
DescriptionI had noticed in the past that "makeQt" was dropped in "ThirdParty-dev", but I didn't think much of it since we can always get the necessary script files form 2.4.x.
But as requested on this thread: - I also request that this is brought back at least for 3.0.x, although it's a bit too late for the ThirdParty-3.0.0 package :(

Even though Qt 4.8 is now a somewhat outdated technology (Qt is already at 5.5!), ParaView 4.4 still heavily depends on it. Support for Qt 5 is still somewhat experimental in ParaView/VTK.

The files in question that we request to be brought back are as follows:

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2015-11-07 21:36

manager   ~0005583

I was not aware that people were still building Qt from sources for ParaView. Having more than one Qt version on a system causes all sorts of pain and should be avoided if at all possible. Also I removed the scripts from OpenFOAM-dev some time ago and it didn't cause any issues for anyone so I assumed they were no longer needed.

I will reinstate them in OpenFOAM-3.0.x as requested but I would like to drop support for them as soon as possible.

To anyone still using RHEL-6 I would strongly recommend upgrading to RHEL-7 which resolves issues associated with the rather ancient Qt, gcc and other software on RHEL-6.


2015-11-07 21:46

manager   ~0005584

Resolved by commit e321e17f719f2054bc25776d6afe2209741caff2

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