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0001869OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2015-10-18 19:30
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Summary0001869: CHT with heat source
DescriptionI'd like to run a conjugate heat transfer simulation with an additional heat source on the coupled boundary. As far as I can tell this feature is not available yet in OpenFOAM.
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2015-10-18 11:37

reporter   ~0005424

Adding a new thermal baffle model to implement this feature request is straight-forward, however delivers a runtime eror:
"lookup of thermophysicalProperties from objectRegistry REGION1 successful
    but it is not a solidThermo, it is a basicThermo"
I haven't managed to find out why the new boundary condition is treated differently than the regular turbulentTemperatureRadCoupledMixedFvPatchScalarField. If you can point me to the fix, I'd gladly contribute the code.


2015-10-18 13:53

updater   ~0005425

Hi akidess,

Test case and sample code for trying this out would make it a lot easier to help.

I didn't answer sooner myself because I'm confused about what exact type of heat source you're trying to implement that requires its own type of boundary condition. Wouldn't a fixed value boundary condition be enough?
And I also wanted to test using a patch on each side that wasn't multi-region mapped, and to apply a fixed value for it... but my guess is that this would work just fine!?

Best regards,


2015-10-18 19:30

reporter   ~0005429

Hi Bruno, I figured it out eventually - using kappa in the constructor of the boundary condition was illegal. I uploaded the code here:

I have a coupled patch between two domains with different thermal properties (thus using chtMultiRegionSimpleFoam). I'm modeling Joule heating by a volume source in the domains, and the increased electric contact resistance by an additional heat flux on the coupled patch.

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