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0001746OpenFOAMBugpublic2016-05-06 13:41
Reporterjfp6 Assigned Tohenry  
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PlatformGNU/LinuxOSUbuntuOS Version15.04
Summary0001746: When running cyclone tutorial using MPPIC solver in parallel, the introduction of particles causes the solver to crash
DescriptionWhen I run the tutorial "cyclone", it fails when reaching 1 second, the point at which particle parcels are first introduced. The error appears to be a problem with mpi communication (yet only associated with the particle clouds). It also fails for version 2.4.0 but works fine on 2.3.1. The solver also works if it is not run in parallel. I tested this on two separate machines (although the software was installed the same on both).

Steps To ReproduceRun the tutorial cyclone and it will run up to 1 s where it generates this error. (It is much quicker to change the SOI value in kinematicCloudProperties file to 0 so you can avoid the computation of the first second)
Additional InformationI have attached an abbreviated log from a run with version 2.4.0.
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2015-06-15 21:58


log.MPPICFoam (6,407 bytes)


2015-06-16 11:12

manager   ~0004950

I can reproduce this, in 2.3.x as well. The commit which causes the error is b6a9960198a8b8492cf33a5a467c38580ad698b7. PatchInjection<CloudType>::parcelsToInject also generates a random number, which should probably be scattered as well. If not, the number of parcels being injected differs between processors, patchInjectionBase::setPositionAndCell is executed different numbers of times on different processors, and it's call to Pstream::scatter fails.


2015-06-16 13:38

reporter   ~0004956

I can also reproduce this. A very simple fix would be changing rnd.position to rnd.globalPosition in patchInjection.C.


2015-06-16 15:16

manager   ~0004958

Thanks for the bug-report and proposed fix.
Resolved by commit 6b92731286681ac2eea00426ffcc2c4bad014901

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