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0001669OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2015-04-27 11:13
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Summary0001669: AMIInterpolation/AMIMethod/AMIMethod/AMIMethod.h: wrong patch type for tgtPatch_
Descriptionin AMIInterpolation/AMIMethod/AMIMethod/AMIMethod.h:

member tgtPatch_ is declared as of type SourcePatch (template parameter).
Works o.k. as long as both source and target patch are of same type. I stumbled across this writing own code involving AMI interpolation between patches of different types, and ran into trouble. Declaring tgtPatch_ as of type TargetPatch resolved the problem. It would require posting too much of own code to reproduce this - not that I dont want to share, but nobody wants to go into that :) Anyways, I believe its obvious.

Here the corresponding extract from AMIMethod.H:

template<class SourcePatch, class TargetPatch>
class AMIMethod
// Private Member Functions
//- Disallow default bitwise copy construct
AMIMethod(const AMIMethod&);
//- Disallow default bitwise assignment
void operator=(const AMIMethod&);
//- local typedef to octree tree-type
typedef treeDataPrimitivePatch<TargetPatch> treeType;
// Protected data
//- Reference to source patch
const SourcePatch& srcPatch_;
//- Reference to target patch
const SourcePatch& tgtPatch_;
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2015-04-27 11:13

manager   ~0004661

Thanks for the bug-report
Resolved by commit 4de360804e737e4e1b7f338c6679a7c7fa3f1929

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