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0001659OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2015-04-18 19:32
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Summary0001659: multiple LES filter definitions in LESdict (feature request)
DescriptionIt would be beneficial if multiple LES filters can be selected in LES properties dictionary. In some LES turbulence models, there are double and tripple filtering procedures using different filter types.

The attached patch modifies the LESfilter class and adds a mechanism to choose also the filter keyword. At the moment only one filter with the keyword "filter" can be used.

The available turbulence models are not effected by this change.
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2015-04-18 16:35

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2015-04-18 19:22

manager   ~0004623

I am happy to make this change to OpenFOAM-dev but SGS models which require complex filtering are likely to require more complex filters than we currently provide. In particular it would be useful to have filters which use a larger stencil, e.g. Gaussian but these are difficult to implement and/or expensive to run on unstructured meshes.


2015-04-18 19:32

manager   ~0004624

Resolved by commit bb59286bb6f6de961f3dfc6476a6c7f30da60dfc in OpenFOAM-dev

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