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0000155OpenFOAMBugpublic2011-03-06 22:49
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Summary0000155: explicit laplacian calculation involving Tensor do not compile
I tried to program an explicit laplacian calculation involving a dimensioned tensor and it don't compile:

dimensionedTensor Ma (....)
dimensionedTensor Mb (....)


The problem comes from the explicit laplacian calculation. According to my own test the problem is only present when Mb is a Tensor. there is no problem if Mb is a scalar.

Obviously, I can workaround the main issue by decomposing the laplacian with tensor into a sum of 9 laplacians with scalar... but it is not elegant.

I also note that fvc::flux() do not take into account for the tensor..

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2011-03-06 22:49

manager   ~0000277

Thanks for the bug report, this is resolved by
commit 6c20862effe98d70c854f60c1bb37d99bd25f287

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