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0001524OpenFOAMBugpublic2015-03-05 17:52
Reporterprojectionist Assigned Tohenry  
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PlatformGNU/LinuxOSUbuntuOS Version14.10
Summary0001524: refineWallLayer destroys cellZones
DescriptionWhen I create a mesh with a cellZone and later refine the cells next to a patch, my cellZone gets disrupted.

I posted before/after images there:
Steps To ReproduceCreate a cellZone which contains cells at a boundary patch
Call refineWallLayer for this very boundary patch
Watch the cellZone
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2015-02-13 16:14


cellZone_afterRefinement.png (21,654 bytes)   
cellZone_afterRefinement.png (21,654 bytes)   


2015-02-14 15:24

updater   ~0003764

Greetings Gerhard,

Any chance you can provide a test case for this?
I think I know how to solve this, since it's a zone and something very similar was implemented in "decomposePar" and "reconstructPar" in OpenFOAM 2.3.0. But better yet, this is something that "snappyHexMesh" already is able to do!

Therefore, if you can provide the test case, it'll be easier to implement and test this feature request.

Best regards,


2015-02-16 08:55


pipeMesh.tar.gz (2,830 bytes)


2015-02-16 08:58

reporter   ~0003794

I added a case. It's a simple cylindrical mesh. All cells belong to a cellZone called "zone" (I am very creative at making up names). The cell zone definition is part of blockMeshDict, thus I can not redo the creation of the cellZone, as it would be the case, if I used topoSet or a similar tool.

Run 'blockMesh' and afterwards 'refineWallLayer walls 0.5'

Open ParaView and watch the fate of the zone.


2015-03-05 17:51

manager   ~0003968

Resolved by commit 4e8fad3a72a756cade7fa201f8215725518f509d

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