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0001444OpenFOAMBugpublic2014-12-16 09:51
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PlatformLinuxOSOpenSuseOS Version11.3
Summary0001444: Lack of reference for the model equations used in the compressible turbulence models
DescriptionAfter spending days of research on the derivation of the compressible stdandard kepsilon turbulence model equations (I am an experienced PhD-student), would it be possible to add the references of the model equations as comments either in the Header or .C File?

OpenFOAM-2.3.x / src / turbulenceModels / compressible / RAS / kEpsilon / kEpsilon.C

The compressible dissipation equation has many terms and therefore different modelled versions were published. I am not able to find the one used in OpenFOAM in the compressible model. Since a lot of unresolved questions regarding this issue can be found e.g. on please consider to add references.
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2014-12-16 09:51

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