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Summary0001293: Improvement of moving (rotating) mesh cases
DescriptionDear developers

I'm using a SIMPLE based solver (transientSimpleDyMFoam) together with OpenFOAM-2.2.x for simulations of centrifugal pumps and discovered that the rotation of the mesh leads to a quite strong distortion of the pressure and velocity fields (e.g. torque increased by 18% after the first corrector loop in one of our cases). I tried to reduce this distortion by rotating the corresponding part of the velocity field with the mesh before the momentum equations are being solved. The idea was that such a modification could simplify the computation of the final solution if we have more or less steady conditions in the rotating domain. The results are quite interesting: reduced distortion of the solution (torque only increased by 4% after the first corrector loop), lower residuals, less iterations and a reduced computation time. The source code (not perfect but working) and a presentation with results of a 2D mixer and a single channel pump can be found here:

The modification seems to be a clear improvement and could also be useful for pimpleDyMFoam simulations in OpenFOAM-2.3.

Best regards
Additional InformationThe monitoring of the values had to be implemented in the solver. A more general approach would still be desirable (

The movingWall boundary condition provides inaccurate results for walls in rotating domains. It's not a burning issue but you can see it if you calculate the relative velocities in the rotating domain. It would require a new boundary condition but could be solved easily.

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2020-11-21 20:30

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Requires funding for a more general solution.

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