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0001209OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2015-04-30 20:19
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Summary0001209: Should MULES use alphaMax rather than 1 with particulate models?
DescriptionThe MULES call in twoPhaseEulerFOAM / twoPhaseSystem.C is


However in the previous implementation of twoPhaseEulerFoam, the bounds for alpha were set to 0 and alphaMax in the case of particulate flows, where alphaMax < 1. Shouldn't this be the case also in the new twoPhaseEulerFoam?
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2014-03-06 23:14

manager   ~0002931

I thought about it and concluded that it wasn't clear that alphaMax is a preferable because it is a soft limit; the phase-fraction may exceed alphaMax without serious problem. If alphaMax is used for the MULES limiter upwind differencing would be used anywhere alpha exceeds alphaMax; do you think that would be a good thing?


2014-03-07 03:10

reporter   ~0002932

I see your point. Indeed some models (Schaeffer, for example) let alphaMax be a soft limit, while others consider it as a hard limit (kinetic theory, Johnson and Jackson), so it's not clear.

I asked because with models that consider it a hard limit, alpha is limited when it approaches alphaMax, to avoid divergence of the particle pressure. This in some cases leads to a phase pressure that isn't sufficient to prevent a further increase in alpha, which can become very high. If I understand it correctly, MULES should enforce alphaMax as a hard limit, and prevent this.


2014-03-07 08:43

manager   ~0002935

> If I understand it correctly, MULES should enforce alphaMax as a hard limit,
> and prevent this

Yes, provided the schemes (other than convection) are bounded schemes. For example if the laplacian is corrected on a non-orthogonal mesh MULES cannot currently guarantee boundedness as it operates only on the convection flux.

Nevertheless I take your point and will change the MULES call to limit to alphaMax.


2014-03-07 23:40

manager   ~0002938

Resolved by commit 97056cd4664657296e7028756edc05cdb87b0e06

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